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About Sean H. O'Neil

Barrister & Solicitor Efficient, Effective representation

Admitted: 1982 Alberta
Law School: Dalhousie University, 1981
College: University of Calgary, B.A., History and Economics 1978
Member: Canadian Bar Association.
Born: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  1956

Personal Interests
Family, economics, history, computers and the internet, geopolitics, golf, curling, tennis, books, conversation, scuba diving, travel, fishing.     


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As a client or consumer, we want certainty in pricing so that we can know what to expect and budget accordingly. Unfortunately, when it comes to legal services lawyers are often unable to provide certainty because it is not possible to anticipate what the client is going to need.  There are certain areas where we can with some confidence give a relatively firm quote. In the absence of unusual circumstances, our fees for basic services are as follows:

Uncontested Divorce           $1,800.00

Pre-nuptial Agreement       Starting at $1,000.00

Separation Agreement        Starting at $1,000.00

Co-habitation Agreement    Starting at $1,000

Basic wills                            $400.00, or $650 for husband and wife wills

Independent Legal Advice   $360.00

Basic real estate transaction    $1,000 plus out of pocket expenses

These fixed price quotes are circumstance sensitive.  If the terms of the Pre-nuptial Agreement or Separation Agreement need to be negotiated before the agreements can be prepared, then the price will be subject to the time it takes to negotiate the terms. In cases where it is not possible to give a precise quote, our fees will be $360.00 per hour.